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Al-Khair Mill obtained a license to establish a mill project in the city of Heet in the year of 2016.
By supplying the Ministry of Commerce and Investment with wheat so they provided citizens with ration cards as it is one of the ration card parts.
The company is keen to complete the project according to the best specifications and according to the instructions of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment. We have been keen to supply the ration card with flour according to high specifications, we were the first to establish a high-quality institution as we have coated the factory with epoxy and antibacterial materials.

The wheat milling process involves separating the wheat grain into three constituents – germ, bran, and endosperm. It is a complex and intricate process. Once the wheat is prepared it is weighed, inspected, and graded. Then, the grain is separated by size, shape, and weight.

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