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AI Hukamaa Co. was established in the year 2003 at which the certification of establishment had been issued from the Iraqi organization for registration of companies under registration No. M/sh/9433 in 26/2/2003.

The factory was built on 25000m 2 (square meter) on the land No. 132/38 territory Baweeza- Mosul City-Nineveh governorate. The total of building area reached to 8570 m2 & the streets 3000 m2.

The company capital (69610) millions The state company for drugs industry & medical appliances / Samaraa (SDI) contributed with 22% from the total company’s shares. The No. of contributors were (448). The permit Of starting production was issued from the Iraqi ministry of Health under No. 34928 in 7/8/2007 & the commercial production started on 1/6/2008.

The first priority of AlHukamaa Co. was producing drugs of high quality according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) specifications & the ISO-9001:2008 conditions regarding quality control, researches, storage of raw materials & finished products in typical temperature.

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